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Velo Factory

Welcome to The Largest Development Facility in North Georgia

Velo Factory is happy to serve North GA as a one-stop shop for sports and player development.  Our Sports Academy is located in Downtown Cornelia GA. Multiple cages, tee stations, Plyowalls, Hitting and Pitching Rapsodo 2.0, Blast Baseball, Driveline Baseball Plyocare training, Velocity training, Arm Care, Pitch Design, Diamond Kinetics Pitch Tracker, Workout Stations, Basketball and Volleyball Training Area, and much more!  We have travel basketball, baseball, and softball programs where our players get to showcase their talents all over the State and Southeast.  We offer strength and agility training while focusing on explosive movements which will benefit all athletes.  JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Did you know that Fall Off-Season is the perfect time to work on velocity training?

The Velo Factory uses data driven programs to develop athletes on safe throwing programs to increase velocity. We also focus on bat speed training using overload/underload principles in an integrated plan that is proven to increase bat speed and exit velocity so players can hit the ball harder and farther. NOVEMBER IS THE BEST TIME TO START one of our programs.


The Velo Factory is the only Player Development Facility around that designs programs to fit the needs of players and is able to present training plans in an app with workouts and videos for our athletes.

The Velo Factory has available all of the tools needed to complete these training phases such as: PlyoCare balls, wrist weights, bands, rebounders, shoulder tubes, tees, Axe Bat Speed Trainers, Driveline Baseball Hitting Plyos, and much more!


Starting now will optimize your development but we do offer year-round training plans.


For more information about our youth programs that we offer:


VF is excited to serve North Georgia with a quality training facility equipped with top notch technology to drive plans for player development.  We pride ourselves on teaching quality movements for our players to become better athletes while increasing Velocity (pitch Velo, bat Velo, exit Velo) in a safe way. Velo Factory is a competitive environment where players learn to train efficiently, trust the process, compete, and dominate.